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Fashion Friday – Summer Sales | San Jose Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Coterie Portrait photographyHappy Friday!

I don’t know how it happened, but Fall is already creeping up on us. As someone who hasn’t been a student for a long time, doesn’t have kids, and lives in the land of perpetual summer, I get pretty bummed when I start to see the telltale signs of Fall. I guess I should clarify and say the “commercial” signs of Fall, like the back-to-school displays that go up at the end of July, since there are actually zero signs of Fall here in Southern California.

I actually really miss Fall in good old New England where I grew up, but somehow this back-to-school display in July makes me a tiny bit sad. Thankfully, there’s an awesome silver lining (okay, I know it’s not THAT bad anyway) – summer sales!

Ahh yes. I love sales! Summer sales are even more awesome in Southern California because I can buy things on clearance that I can still wear in the coming months, but even if you live somewhere where that isn’t possible, there’s always lingerie! Colors and styles might vary a little by season, but lingerie is lingerie all year round.

I’ve been doing a ton of summer sale browsing online (who goes to the mall anymore?), so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite sales and finds.

One of my favorite stores to browse for sales is Anthropologie. I love their clothes, but most are ridiculously expensive, so I almost everything I own from there was a gift or purchased on sale. Their site also has really great user reviews, which I find super helpful. I have purchased a few nighties from there over the years and they are SO comfortable and cute. I love this body suit they have on sale now. It’s simple, sexy and fairly tame in the front, but is unexpectedly revealing from behind.

Next up is Journelle. I have to admit, I feature their lingerie on this blog a lot, but I’ve never actually purchased anything from them. What I love is that they have a HUGE selection, lots of fun styles, and a variety of price points (though they’re still kinda on the high-end). I might just have to finally splurge on something from their summer sale. Most of their sale items are bras and panties in every color you could imagine. Here’s one of my favorites.

Gap Body isn’t typically the first place I think of for lingerie, but I like how most of their pieces look cute and comfortable and are more reasonably priced. It’s definitely more every-day than special occasion stuff, but isn’t that what most of us wear most frequently anyway? Here’s a cute comfy nighty that totally fits the bill.

If you’re looking for something extra special, there’s always the La Perla outlet. Most prices are still pretty hefty, but definitely help make these gorgeous pieces just a little more attainable. Here’s one of their more “affordable” pieces, which is still totally gorgeous!

And finally, since Boudoir Coterie is a big fan of the Dita Von Teese line at Bloomingdales, I have to mention that a few of her pieces have made it to their sale section!

There are so many great summer sales, I could go on forever, but I won’t. Have you scored any awesome lingerie deals lately? Let us know in the comments…and perhaps think about a boudoir session to show off your new pieces.


Tushy Tuesday |San Jose Bay Area Sexy Photos

It’s Tushy Tuesday!

I’ll admit it, I’ve been slacking on the blog. There, I said it. I have neglected the tushes and that aint right!  This tush shot was taken a couple years ago and I was thrilled to get the thumbs up on the share. It was from a fun bridal session. I haven’t done too many tank top sets and yet they can be surprisingly sexy. Usually, women go topless so having the switch this switch up was really fun!

So please enjoy this fun shot, nothing but a white tank top. :)

San francisco boudoir portraits

Sexy Photos San Jose Boudoir Photographer

Special Sun Kissed Sessions

Boudoir Coterie sunset1

Sun Kissed Sessions- $299.00

Welcome to our fabulous Sun Kissed Session Special. I don’t normally have the opportunity to shoot in the evenings. I did so a few weeks ago and the light was absolutely stunning! It was then that I decided to offer a limited number of evening shoots at a special price!

You’ll have 1 look plus sheets/implied nude. Or you can keep your clothes on for a beauty session. ;) A beautiful vintage slip, chemise, lace nighty or over sized sweater would be a stunning alternative to just sheets.

Session details:

  • Full hair and makeup application.
  • Evening shoot- start time availability between 5:00- 6:30
  • 40 minutes in front of camera.
  • 20 fully edited images for viewing.
  • All product including digital files sold separately.
  • 20% off all albums.

Sunkissed session

Other details:

- Session must take place in by Sept 5th. I have kept my evenings open so I have a range of dates available!

- Payment plans available.

Sexy boudoir photos San Francisco Bay Area


Please Contact Me for available dates!

bcoterie@sbcglobal.net or 408.866.1804

Sexy Photos San Jose Boudoir Photographer


Fashion Friday Inspired by Absinthe | San Jose Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Coterie Portrait photographyLast week I took my first trip to Las Vegas, and though I missed out on last week’s Fashion Friday post, I couldn’t wait to get back for this one.

Since my partying days (which were relatively tame to begin with) are behind me, I’m not crazy about heat (it was 109 F!!) and I’m not much of a gambler, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about Las Vegas. Everyone says you have to go at least once, so I jumped at the chance to go for a short girl’s getaway.

Having lived in both downtown Boston and Manhattan, sometimes I miss the hustle and bustle of city life, and Las Vegas was just what I needed to make me appreciate California again, but still have a fabulous time.

It’s funny how things like long lines for everything (an hour to check in at hotel!!) and drinks at Starbucks costing at least $1.50 more each, are quickly erased from one’s memory. Aside from all of that, Las Vegas is a fabulous city.

Everyone raves about the Vegas shows, and those truly were the best part. We had only booked tickets for Michael Jackson ONE, and it was so amazing, we decided we should try to hit up another show the next night.

After asking several taxi drivers and waitresses, we settled on Absinthe, and I’m so glad we did! Everyone we talked to said Absinthe is impossible to describe, but totally worth seeing, and I’d have to say they’re right. The website calls it an “acro-cabaret variety show” and I’d describe at as an “adult circus/comedy/burlesque show.” (Here’s the trailer if you’re curious.)

It’s taking me quite some time to get to the point of this, but what I’m getting at is that the costumes were fabulous and immediately made me think of how awesome they’d be for a boudoir session.

While I’m personally not crazy about nipple tassels (which there were a lot of), I really loved many of the other pieces. Some of my favorites were the thongs with intricate rear details, and the super-sexy corsets.

You really need to see the show for yourself, but I scoured the internet for some burlesque-esque outfits that I think would be awesome to rock for a photo session. Starting with the least expensive, here are some of my favorites:

Frederick’s of Hollywood – Caged Lace Open Panel Panty

Curvy Girl Lingerie – Breathtaking Satin and Rhinestone Corset

Dita Von Teese – Countess

Agent Provocateur – Sandra Suspender

Feeling inspired by these extra sexy pieces? Give us a call or shoot us an email to set up a session today!




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Sexy After 50! | San Jose Bay Area Boudoir Photographer

Can you feel sexy after 50? Absolutely!!!

Recently I did a session that really touched me. I felt an instant connection with my beautiful client. We laughed… a LOT. And I laughed again while sorting the images in post as almost every shot was followed by a laughing image. I have never seen so many laughing images from a session. It was fantastic. It was also fantastic that this beautiful woman braved a session for herself because she wanted to feel beautiful and sexy. She wanted to prove that it’s possible after 50. She succeeded.

As women know all to well, in order to be beautiful and have sex appeal you need to be a hard bodied twenty-something… at least that is the image of beauty that is forced upon us on a daily basis. But guess what, that is the farthest thing from the truth. Feeling beautiful and sexy is important at any age. It doesn’t even matter how you*think* you look on the outside, it’s about how you feel on the inside. Thankfully, I have the job of connecting those two. :)

Miss B is stunning and I wish, I mean REALLY WISH I could show you all her images. But for privacy reasons I cannot show you the ones that reflect her natural beauty, the images where you can see into her eyes, the images that make me smile and tears well up in my eyes when I flip through them because I know some of her struggles and some of her joys. However, I can show you these two anonymous and playful shots. Her sexy, vampy side and best of all, I can share with you the most heartfelt thank you letter I received right after her session.

Dear Danea,
What an amazing experience! I am so grateful for the chance to experience myself in a different way. I felt abundantly blessed by you and your  team. The moment Moni started working, it was obvious that she felt confident and wanted me to be comfortable. I’ve never worn false eyelashes before and it was thrilling! Moni applied them with precision and care. I was transformed without losing myself, not sure that makes sense to you but it does to me. Then, selecting the outfits was so out of my comfort zone. I really needed you and Regina to walk me through the process. By the time the shoot started, I felt relaxed and bobble head ready!  I enjoyed the experience of watching the shoot be set up, lighting checked and the attention to detail.  I liked when you would flash a quick smile when you caught a shot you liked.  You made it easy to try something so new to me.
Most of all, I truly appreciated the loving laughter, caring attention and of course, the blowing wind!  Regina held that fan with determination! I felt beautiful from the inside out.  It has been a long time since I spent money, time and preparation on just myself.  I think I often thought of it as selfish. I realize now at 52 years old, I need to nourish myself first in order to be able to offer grace to others.
 I feel truly blessed by this experience.
I am a both nervous and excited to see the pictures.  See you in a few weeks! Hope you have time to do your nails this weekend .
Thank you so much Miss B for your kind words and the pleasure of working with you. ♥
P.S. Yes, it makes prefect sense to me. :)
Beautiful 50 year old woman


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