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Extraordinary Eyes – Fashion Friday| San Jose Bay Area Makeup Class

Makeup Class web

I have decided to host my own makeup class but with full disclosure, I am NOT a professional makeup artist, but I do work with some so obviously I’m just like a pro. *snort*

I’m totally kidding, I’m not  a pro, just a gal who has a love for all things girly, including makeup!

This is going to be a fun class where I teach you all the tips and tricks I have learned over the years. The class will highlight a variety of products, what they are, why we use them, and HOW we use them! The best part is that you will be receiving a class kit(those are just some of the goodies pictured above) with ALL the products to take home so you will be able to recreate what we learned in class!

We will create a day to evening eye, which will include a beautiful smokey eye.

This class is all about the eye, I will not be teaching anything about foundations or contouring, it’s an eye class. Eye makeup only, I cannot stress this enough. LOL.

There will also be refreshments and giveaways and it’s on a Saturday afternoon so you can leave with beautiful eye makeup, ready to paint the town!

For all the details and more info please click right here. Or HERE, or even here. (It’s the same link, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t missed. ;)

Spaces are limited and you only have until Nov 5th to purchase!


Can’t attend but want to get in on the fun?


 Enter to win this bag with goodie!!!

where to get sexy photos taken

  • Small makeup Case
  • Lotion wipes(my favorite!)
  • Black no sharpen eye liner
  • Lip liner in Raisin(another personal fav)
  • Eye Refresh
  • Earth tone eye shadow palette

**Please note, I will be checking the entries and removing those that did not follow through. I’m hard core like that.

Open to legal residents of USA and Canada only.

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Sexy Photos San Jose Boudoir Photographer

Tushy Tuesday- 50 Shades of Grey, Style | Santa Cruz Bay Area Photographer

With so much buzz surrounding the upcoming 50 Shades of Grey movie, and these awesome fuzzy handcuffs making an appearance in our San Jose studio, how could I NOT do a 50 Shade’s inspired Tushy Tuesday!?

Personal tidbit– I’ve never read the books. ;)

Sexy pictures with handcuffshandcuffs

So now I have to ask, would ya’ll like to see a 50 Shades inspired photo shoot? If I get enough feedback I will play around and share, but I need to know there is interest for it!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Sexy Photos San Jose Boudoir Photographer

The Holidays Are Fast Aproaching! |San Jose Bay Area Boudoir Photography



As much as I regret to have to put this out there, the holiday season is fast upon on and session availability is getting limited.

Sexy portraits San Francisco Bay Area

If you are thinking about giving this as a gift(gifting yourself is awesome too) then now is the time to book!

Deadline for album Orders is Dec 1st!

(session Deadline for albums is Nov 24th)

Last week I put together this slide show of a clients session, although I did remove/cover some booby shots because I prefer not to show nipples on my website, just because. **side note, yes I do shoot full nude, but I keep those private for clients and just to clarify for all the men who call to “book for their wives”– No, I do not do crotch shots. LOL.

I think this video shows how we get different looks and lots of variety in each session.

P.S. I have never before shot a bottomless set. I think we did a good job at keeping it sexy with class! ;)

 Now for the best part… You’re going to want to keep reading!!!

The first 5 people to contact me and say they saw the video and this blog post will get $100-$300 off an all inclusive package. Discount depends on your package choice.

If you have been following me at all, you know that I very rarely if ever, give discounts, BUT I feeling generous and it is the season.

This offer won’t last long so good luck! You can do this, and I promise you will look AMAZING.

Have a fabulous week!

Sexy Photos San Jose Boudoir Photographer

Fashion Friday – PSA Edition | San Jose Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Coterie Portrait photographyThis week’s post is a little less fun than usual, but I think it’s an important reminder.

Ladies – have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered if maybe the girls should be sitting a little higher? How often do you find yourself tugging at rouge bra straps and pulling at underwires that are jabbing you in the ribs?

This has been me for longer than I’d like to admit.

To give you a little backstory, I had my first real bra fitting ever at Besos Lingerie in Campbell just a few years ago, right before I had a boudoir session with Boudoir Coterie. Like most women, I was shocked to find out that my cup size was actually two sizes larger than what I’d been wearing. While the numbers don’t lie, I kind of figured the sizing was just related to what the store carried, and that I couldn’t possibly be that size. Anyway, I purchased a fun bra for my session and promised myself I’d go back for some new every day bras in a few months.

Well, I got lazy and never went back, so I’ve STILL been wearing the wrong bra size. Last week I had enough and decided I REALLY need to get some new bras. I’ve since moved to Southern California, so I wasn’t really sure where to go for a fitting, but I settled on Nordstrom since they’re known for good bra fittings.

Needless to say, the Nordstrom salesperson put me in the same size Besos did. Alas, this truly is my size. I only purchased one bra because they’re pretty pricey and I want to give it a real test drive before going back for more. Here’s what I ended up with:

Natori “Pure Luxe” Underwire T-Shirt Bra

I also really liked this one, which will be my next purchase after testing driving the “Pure Luxe” for a bit.

Natori “Hidden Glamour” Contour Underwire Bra

I really can’t believe I went so long in the wrong size. I feel like a whole new woman, not to mention how old and stretched out my previous bras were anyway.

I think as woman we all know the importance of a good bra, yet still don’t bother to get one. It’s easier to just rotate the same three old bras every week than to think about shopping for a new one. While spending $70 on a bra makes me cringe a little, I don’t think the $20 TJMaxx bras I’ve been buying previously have done me any favors.

I’d love to hear your experience in the comments. Have you ever had a bra fitting? Were you surprised by the size? What kind of bra is your go-to for every day?



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Curvy Girl Sexiness |Fashion Friday Boudoir Blog

True story:

One day I was getting coffee at the drive through coffee shop(Caffinos) near my house when I noticed a fancy bra that the barista was rocking on her low cut t-shirt(she looked great, not trashy, just wanted to make that clear!). I commented on it’s awesomeness because that’s how I roll… ever since she has let me know of some of the cool lingerie that she finds at Lane Bryant. I knew Lane Bryant carried some beautiful bras because I have photographed a few. BUT I often hear big busted girls complaining that there just isn’t a selection of comfy + sexy undergarments out there. Ooooh, but there is…

Well a few days ago this same sexy barista gave me the heads up on some of the new releases from Lane Bryant and I felt them worthy of a Fashion Friday blog post. **Side note– Nicole, who normally does the Fashion Friday feature is living the glamorous life and is off traveling again… hahaha** So here are a few of my favorite which reminded me a bit of Agent Provocateur. Yum!

What’s even more awesome… right now all there Cacique bras are buy one get one 50% off!!! Yeah Baby!

Best San Jose bay Area sexy portraits

And for those looking for something pretty for a Bridal Boudoir shoot…

San Jose Bay Area sexy portraits

Be sure to tell them Danea sent you… haha, just kidding, they would just look at you like you were crazy because they have no idea who I am. But the thought made me chuckle. ;)

Sexy Portraits San Jose Bay Area

Sexy Photos San Jose Boudoir Photographer




Keep updated on all that is happening with Boudoir Coterie by joining our VIP Mailing list. You’ll also be the first to hear about upcoming events and specials, be privileged to VIP only offers, makeup and fashion tips and much more! P.S. We do not share or sell your info and you can unsubscribe at any time!


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